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Lenovo Thinkplus Earphone XT60B Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphones Touch TWS With Mic Noise Reduction Earbud Waterproof Headset

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Number Of Drivers: 2

Charging Method: Charging case

Sound Isolating: YES

Brand Name: Lenovo

Material: Plastic

Resistance: 32

Communication: True Wireless

Connectors: Type c

Line Length: 0

Frequency Response Range: 20 - 20000

Style: Ear Hook

Plug Type: none

Waterproof: Yes

Is wireless: Yes

Vocalism Principle: Dynamic

Support Memory Card: No

Origin: Mainland China

With Microphone: Yes

Total Harmonic Distortion: 1

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Active Noise-Cancellation: Yes

Weight[g]: 118

Wireless Type: bluetooth

Battery life up to[hours]: 6.5

Headphone Pads Material: Other

Codecs: none

Maximum wireless range[m]: 10m-20m

Function: For Swimming

Sensitivity: 35

Features: With Microphone

Support APP: No

Bluetooth Version: 5.3

Impedance Range: up to 32 Ω

Battery Capacity[mAh]: 400

Voice assistant built-in: No

Control Button: Yes

NFC Technology: No

Magnet Type: Other

Category: Earphones & Headphones

Volume Control: Yes

Package List: User Manual

Package List: Charging case

Package List: USB Type-C Adapter

Package List: Replaceable Pads Set

Choice: yes

• True Wireless Communication :Enjoy the freedom of movement with no wires to hold you back. The earphones connect wirelessly to your device for a seamless audio experience.

• Waterproof Design :Don't let sweat or rain stop you from enjoying your music during workouts or outdoor activities. The earphones are designed to be waterproof, ensuring they stay safe and functional even in wet conditions.

• Active Noise-Cancellation :Block out unwanted noise and distractions for a more immersive listening experience. The earphones feature active noise-cancellation technology that reduces external noise and enhances the clarity of your music.

• Dynamic Vocalism Principle :Enjoy high-quality sound with deep bass and clear treble. The earphones use a dynamic vocalism principle to deliver a rich and engaging audio experience.

Product specifications

Product model: Lenovo XT60B

Effective distance:≥10m

Horn diameter:10mm

Rated battery power: 2W

lmpedance: 32Ω

Microphone sensitivity:-35dB±3dB

Snr: ≥95db

Distortion: < 1%

Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz

Playing time: about 6.5 hours

Earphone battery capacity: 60mAh

Battery capacity of charging chamber: 400mAh

Headphone charging time: about 1.5 hours

Charging time of charging chamber: about 1.5 hours

(All technical data is subject to actual performance)

Product operation instructions

1.Power on:

Method 1: Remove the left and right headphones from the charging compartment and turn on the headphones.

Method 2: With the headphones turned off (outside the charging compartment), press and hold the left and right earphone multifunction buttons for about 5 seconds to turn on the headphones.

2.Power off:

Method 1: Place the left and right headphones in the charging compartment when turned on, and turn off the headphones.

Method 2: Press and hold the multi-functional buttons on the left andright headphones in the on state for about 5 seconds to turn off thehead phones.

Note: When the headphones are turned on and not paired with the corresponding Bluetooth device for 3 minutes, they will automatically Shutdown; Exceeded the effective connection distance of the signal and did not connect to the corresponding Bluetooth device. After 3 minutes the ear the machine automatically shuts down.

3.TWS pairing:

a. lf there is no pairing record for the left and right earphones, they will automatically pair after being turned on. After successful pairing.

b. When there is pairing record between the left and right headphones.the phone will automatically connect back when turned on, with a beep sound.

4. Automatic switching between left and right ears:

a. During the use of the headphones, placing the left (or right) ear into the charging box for charging will automatically switch to playing in the right (or left) ear (and continue to maintain the music state before switching).

b. During the use of headphones, placing the left (or right) into the charging box for charging will not affect the normal operation of the right (or left) ear.

c. After TWS connection, during any single ear use, removing another earphone can automatically connect to TWS, and the left or right ear can continue to work in its current state.

d. Open the left or right ear separately to connect the phone back.

5. Pairing with Bluetooth devices:

Open the Bluetooth setting option of the Bluetooth device to be paired, enter the option, find the Bluetooth pairing name of the headset "Lenovo thinkplus XT60", and cick the pairing name to pair

6.Play music (single/dual ear operation):

Previous song: Three clicks on the left ear multifunction button

Next track: Three clicks on the right ear multifunction button

*Note: When using with one ear, three clicks on the left (or right)earphone indicate the next song

Volume up: Double click the right ear multifunction button to increase the volume toits maximum

Volume reduction: Double click the left ear multifunction button

Note: When using with one ear, double clicking on the left (or right)earphone will increase the volume

Pause/Play: Click on the left (or right) ear multifunction button

7.Telephone hands-free (single/dual ear operation):

Phone answering: Click on the left (or right) ear multifunction button

Phone reject: Press and hold the left (or right) ear multifunction button for two seconds

End call: In call mode, click on the left (or right) ear multifunction button

8.Activate voice assistant (single/binaural operation):Long press the left ear multifunction button for two seconds to activate the voice assistant. When using with one ear, long press the left(or right) ear for two seconds to activate the voice assistant

9.Switching between game mode and music mode(single/dual ear operation):Long press and hold the right ear multifunction button for two secondsto enter game mode, with a beep sound. Press and hold again for two seconds to enter music mode

*Note 1: When using with one ear, it is not possible to switch between game mode and music mode

*Note 2: The factory setting defaults to music mode

Product precautions

(1) Do not try to disassemble or replace the product except for the operation methods that are specially marked in the manual Any parts inside.

(2) This product contains a built-in rechargeable battery. It is forbidden to hit, squeeze, puncture, or short-circuit the battery.

If the current temperature is too high, deformation, swelling, liquid leakage and other abnormal phenomena, please stop using it and do not place the battery in the In high-temperature and high-pressure environments such as open flames, sun exposure, heaters, stoves,etc., the battery should not be immersed in water.Stop use.

After using the headset, do not place the headset in damp, dust,oily smoke, steam,In high temperature and high pressure environments such as direct light, so as not to cause damage to the headset and battery.The battery can be charged and discharged for a limited number of times, and it will eventually age. When the battery is used abnormally, you can replace the battery with a new one.

However, do not replace the battery by yourself. If the battery is incorrectly replaced, there is a danger of explosion. Battery usage.

(3) After the product is scrapped, do not throw the product into the fire, and the waste treatment should be strictly in accordance with the garbage classification To process. Please use this product reasonably and correctly, so as not to cause certain harm and environmental damage.

(4) During the use of the headset, due to long distances, obstacles in the middle, or other wireless In the case of a series of interference such as electrical signal, Bluetooth signal, WIFI signal, etc., when the earphone is in use, listening to music, watching video, playing games,etc., there will be occasional freezes, unsynchronized voice or disconnection, such as In this case, please reconnect the headset or stay away from the interference.

(5) When charging the charger, please use a charging device with an output voltage of DC 5V/1A.You must choose charging equipment that has been certified by a regular manufacturer with CCC safety certification, and do not use fast charging Electrical appliances, so as not to cause too much battery load, and cause battery damage.

The continuous charging time should not exceed the specified charging time, and do not use it during charging to avoid damage.

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